SEO and PR: A Match Made in Heaven

When it comes to finding your website on the Internet, it is easy to just Google your business name and Voila! it magically appears on the first page. But what happens when you type in key words that aren't apart of your business' name? Say for instance we Google “Brand Management Companies in Chicago.” Does your business pop up? Do you often wonder why your website is not on the first page of Google or the second or the third?

Well, based on our findings at Google Partners education seminar and Connect with Third Coast; we were able to bring back some insightful information that heavily involves Public Relation (PR) efforts! Check it out:

Content Marketing is the Best Marketing

Have you ever heard the old saying (maybe young saying) “Content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.” It’s actually true! Content on your website emphasizes search engine optimization in which it allows Google to ensure your website pops up on its page based on a topic and/or keywords. One way to commit to adding continuous content on your page, blog!

Blogging has to be one of the most effective ways to increase your search engine optimization. Blogging allows your website to consistently update content and keeps Google interested. Posting videos, images, and referencing your site on social media networks are additional ways to effectively increase your website visibility.

Create Inbound Links

This is where we PR pros get excited, because inbound links have to be one of the most important tools when increasing search engine optimization (SEO) and algorithms for your website. Inbound links are links to your original website that are posted by credible sources. Pitching to bloggers, online news sites, company site listings, etc. are all ways you can create inbound links and make you top priority on Google pages. Sounds pretty official right?

You’re probably thinking to yourself: Well, how do I get started in creating content for my website and reaching out to credible sources that are willing to direct traffic to our website?

Don’t think too hard because you’re already on the website, you just have to click on the Contact Us tab. At Studio Twenty Five Consulting, we pride ourselves in delivering the best results in public relations. Our goal for our PR program is to drive awareness about the brand, increase our clients’ website visibility and help generate revenue through our brand management efforts.

Homeland Security and Its Affect on Social Media Marketers

Homeland Security has been making headlines these past few days due to its new proposal to collect traveler's social media information. They say that collecting this information could gain a new pool of data that can help spot potential terrorists. After watching television shows like Scandal and movies like The 5th Wave, can you really trust the government's good intentions? Well, tech companies, associations and civil rights groups aren’t believing it and aren’t giving up what they believe in (the right to privacy) without a fight.

The downside to this new social media plan is when Homeland Security have access to traveler's social media info, they could easily tap into their cloud information. If this law is passed, this is farewell to not only social media but to social media marketers.

What Homeland Security fail to realize is that people are big about their right to privacy--especially Americans. Once they realize that their privacy is gone; trust is gone, meaning, they will no longer get on social media--heck they probably wont even travel if they are forced to add a “social media identifier". How are social media marketers going to promote their company once this happens? Not to sound overly dramatic, but all hell will break loose if this was to happen (we’re hoping that its not, however).

But can you imagine no more social media? Nearly 20 years of internet platforms built to exemplify free speech, promote brands, and gain insightful & newsworthy information…GONE! Because good ol’ Home Land Security wants to get all up in everyone’s personal business. Is this what they mean by making America great again? Losing a whole new field of jobs that weren’t even thought of a couple of decades ago.

We have a strong feeling that this is not going to be the last of this topic.

We want to know your thoughts! Do you think Homeland Security should tap into traveler's social media accounts? Do you think social media marketers would get a heavy hit if this happens?